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Today I came across this beautiful article about the workspace. “Cultivating a calm workspace is conducive to productivity and helps fend off the stress that pulls you away from doing great things. Your workspace is a space to serve love, just like any other space you occupy. When you bring love into any place, that place begins to pick up that frequency.
The point here is to cultivate a positive environment that’s conducive to joy, and that joy will lead to calm creativity and moments of flow–where you’re fully immersed in your work, without worry about the outcome. That’s the space from which great work will unfold.
When you love the space you work in, work becomes easier, more satisfying and joyful, and a loving showcase of what you’re capable of creating. A positive environment begets positive experiences, and if you’re only able to create a positive environment within yourself, don’t be discouraged: that’s the place to begin! “ By Jennifer Williamson

I am so gla…

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